Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change?

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change?

(PS Those are from last year's garden)

This past week as my kids were down with fevers, some vomit, snot and coughing, I watched Food Inc. for the first time. Yes, I had time to watch a movie but over two nights holding miss fussy baby who likes to stay up till 2 a.m. I can't believe it took me so long to watch this film. My oldest son watched a few minutes with me (its school right), but once we got to the butchering segment, I had him leave the room. This movie can be a powerful teaching tool for the entire family (depending on the age of the kid).

Our family eats pretty healthy compared to mainstream America. We eat organic dairy, grains and most produce. When we eat fish, its wild salmon, not farmed. A couple years ago I only started buying grassfed beef. Yes, that can be expensive, but when you find items like this on sale, stock up. I do what I can to keep my family healthy and TEACH my children how God wants us to care for our bodies not only spiritually but nutritiously. We all know where scripture teaches us this but many gloss over it, even the church as they feed our children fish crackers laced with sodium. Sure once in a while we indulge in a burger from In and Out, but my kids know this is a treat and not something we should eat often. We have begun gardening the last couple summers and dabbled in a few winter veggies, but this is only the beginning of my plans. Before watching Food Inc., I was already getting "granola" in taking a sharp left turn down the path of eat what we grow, by local produce and meats, blah-blah-blah. My parents were teens in the 60's and although did not "live" the 60's my mother always, always, always, tried to feed us healthy when it wasn't trendy at the time and that was a 180 compared to how she was fed. In elementary school I used to get wierd looks from my peers when I packed my PBJ on whole grain bread, fruit and homemade cookie compared to their white bread sandwhich, chips and HO-HO...chased down by a Hi-C boxed drink.

For many homeschoolers, budget is always an important component in feeding a family. Many of my homeschooling friends and I are interested in feeding our children as healthy and organic as we can so gardening is becoming an important part of homeschooling. Ironically, as produce prices have increased at our local stores due to bad weather, destroying crops throughout the nation and world (yes we get our produce from around the world...sad but true), I have noticed the price of regular produce increase to the price of organic. Lately I have noticed more organic produce being sold at local farmer's markets. They are also selling meat, eggs and dairy for nearly the same cost as non-organic in stores and am thankful this supply and demand is moving in my favor. If you are trying to feed your family organic on a budget, please share how are you are doing so. Especially any online vendors that sell grains, etc. I am always curious.

Here will be a sample of my summer reading: The Maker's Diet and many of my gardening and nutrition links located on the bottom right of my blog. I pray that if you read my post, you'll watch Food Inc...its on instant play on Netflix if you subscribe. We are in a blessed position to homeschool and train up our children in faith, education, family values and nutrition. I'm ready to focus more on number 4, how about you?

I am done rambling for now...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrush, A Lesson In Yeast for All Ages

Looking back there were signs.  The IV antibiotics , the red baby bottom at birth, the fussy, gassy newborn who would cry all night and I was thinking it was the dairy issues that plagued her tummy.  All those signs were in the shadows of a jaundice baby under blue lights.  Even looking back to her one week photos, is a picture of her yawning with a white tounge (this one was taken at one month).  Looking at her tounge last week it dawned on me...YEAST!  I couldn't believe that my baby had yeast...Well actually I could.  The events of her labor and most likely my love of cookies and Pete's coffee set up this yeasty environment for my baby girl.  So now we are on a daily regimen of yougurt, probiotics and grapefruit seed extract in hopes to cure this bubbling nightmare before resorting to antifungal meds...just the thought of saying it grosses me out.
Now I am moving on to the next step in battling this growing problem...sugar.   We all love it and know its bad for us.  Back in the wagon days, sugar was a luxury and was reserved for holidays and company.  Today its in everything down to salad dressings, cereals...well everything.  This is coming from a mama who buys almost all organic dairy, meats, grains and produce.  Heck, my baking sugar is organic!  So friends, its going to be so long to sugar for a while.  My mochas will be replaced with green tea (which I love already) and night time treats will be replaced with yougurt or grapefruit. 
If I can survive without wheat, I can survive without sugar, right?  My family will be healthier without it  Keep reading to find out.