Gluten Free?

This page is under development.  Currently we are in the process of beginning a trial gluten free diet as the kids and I all carry the gene for Celiac (I have a double copy), show mild symptoms of the disease, and my grandmother has lived with Celiac Disease for over 20 years.  Who knows how this will work?  We may end up healthier because of it.

Update:  Our home is gluten free...The kids are OK with it as we have done gluten fasts in the past to see if there are any digestive, physical or neruological changes.  Kiddo #3 has been complaining of headaches the last month or so and hasn't had one since we transitioned out of gluten-ness after Christmas.  Today I made my GF flour blend, adding some fragrant coconut flour to the mix. YUM!  People comment on how expensive GF flours can be, but the benefit is: many have natural fiber and protein that regular wheat flour does not, are grain free so you are mixing up your diet, and due to the cost increase I won't be baking weekly which will keep me slim. :)

*Update:  My GF mix is working great so far.  The local health food store was out of the Bob's Red Mill GF Flour Mix (not the baking mix), so I began blending my own...1 bag of rice flour, 1 bag of garbanzo bean flour, 1/2 bag of coconut flour...a little tapioca and potato flour...VOLA!  Just need to add additional liquid to my recipes as the coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid...Also requires a little more baking time but I am still tweaking it.