Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Cross Project

This week's school will consist of fun projects for my little people in reflection of Jesus' death on the cross. My oldest daughter went to a birthday party over the weekend and painted this painting of the cross which was a great way to start the week.

Some of the supplies I used are pictured here.  Yes, I buy crafts sticks by the box!  Why not, we make a log cabin, a cross, picture frames or popsicles at the drop of a hat.

First I hot glue gunned the craft sticks together.  Next the kids colored them with colored pencils.

I wrapped twine around the middle (not picutred here).

Next the kids made a crown from gold pipe cleaners.

Last they placed their crosses in the air dry clay and embellished as desired.

My oldest wanted three crosses so I pulled out the toothpicks last minute.

This weekend they will be our centerpieces for Easter Dinner.

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