Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bread Baking...Recipe Number 2

Some of you know I am following an AWESOME bread blog, titled A Year In Bread. This former California native, Susan has moved on to more remote pastures and has rekindled my love for food and cooking for my family.

Day before yesterday, I made another batch of her Oatmeal Toasting Bread and as always, one loaf is reserved for making into a cinnamon swirl loaf for breakfast the following morning as well as a new recipe, an Italian Rosemary and Raisin Loaf. Yes, rosemary and raisins!!! You may think it sounds wierd but its very reminicient to the rosemary and walnut bread served at Karen's Bakery in Folsom. A great twist on a rustic loaf and was perfect for breakfast with Susan's suggestion of apricot jam. YUM!
PS. My bread really looked like that!

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