Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Homeschooling with Baby

This has been a very exciting year as the big kids are moving beyond kindergarten and primary academics. My 4th grader is in the midst of 5th grade math, starting Latin and progressing in his reading, music and sports. My 2nd grader is moving up in her reading, math, writing and enjoying learning Irish Dance. Last but not least my baby 1st grader has begun reading more independently, enjoys math but still prefers to hide out in his room creating his own version of Star Wars Lego Spaceships.

Now added to the mix is baby girl. Almost one, crawling, trying to teacher herself to walk and is into everything. How do I manage to school while chasing the baby you may ask? For the time being, baby Selah is a great napper taking two daily naps totalling about 4 hours allowing me to do the bulk of schooling. On days she is up during school, she enjoys pulling everything of the kitchen cupboards. I will enjoy this while it lasts as who knows when she'll scale down to one nap...probaby when the new baby comes.


  1. Thanks for sending the link to your blog! I will be checking in on you for sure. I am off of FB for a while so I love to still get a glimpse of whats going on in the lives of friends. Mine is middletonfun.blogspot.com. Avery is excited to have another class with Sophia. See you next week!

  2. BTW - that family picture is SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!!