Monday, August 9, 2010

School In August?

Yes my friends, its time for the beginning of the school year. Some of you may remember the good ole times when school appropriately started the day AFTER Labor Day. The charter school begins next week, but we have casually began homeschooling the last couple weeks so getting back into the swing won't be such a shock on the system. I am also hoping to "bank" some school in preparation for the new babe.

The kids are slightly dragging their feet but still excited about certain subjects like spelling. I don't know what the cool attraction is to the Spelling Workout Books we started using last year, but strangely they are pumped up about spelling tests. Whatever works right? Math is not so cool. It makes me think whether its just math itself or perhaps its time to mix it up with a new math curriculum. That's the beauty of publisher gets too humdrum and you can move on to something fresher.

I am excited to start history and science later in the week. The kids have been in love with our science program, Real Science Odyssey. Lab sheets, scavenger hunts and projects really speaks to all parts of a child's sensory system. This year for history we'll be using a program called History Odyssey piggy backed with the Story of the World. I'm excited that our local homeschooling bookstore will be offering a weekly history class where they'll be creating the hands-on projects for Story of the World. Can you see I'm in classical ed mode?

Well recess is over...back to the table.

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  1. Amie,
    What bookstore is doing the SOTW projects, and what time period/volume are they working through? Sounds fun!