Saturday, December 11, 2010

Freaky Cornbread Stuffing

Well Friends,

Our family now has a new long-standing joke when it comes to Thanksgiving Stuffing.  Yes, Thanksgiving was last month but with baby-girl's fake concussion turned family stomach but, who has time to post blogs?

So mom and I started making cornbread stuffing the day before.  She used my standby cornbread recipe and baked it on the sheet pans.  I said, hey "triple" the recipe, so she did.  When I came home later that day, it didn't look like a lot, so I told her to triple it she did and then we had a mound of cornbread so stupidly high, I didn't have a container large enough to put it in.  Then I remembered those aluminum pans I bought at Costco to bring dinners to families...they were waaaaayyy too big so I stuck them in the garage with the intention of exchanging them for the smaller ones and never did.  So check out my monster stuffing.

Here I am chopping a mound of celery...

This is a triple batch of cornbread which usually
makes 36 muffins...We made a total of 6 batches, don't ask why.

So this is a giant aluminum pan from Costco, a church sized one filled with just cornbread.  I forgot the final picture, but we had 2 of these filled with stuffing!

Sneaky cornbread muncher!

Big sissa helping with the chopping.

Now here is the crazy part.  Three packages of Italian sausage from Trader Joes, 3 large yellow onions, garlic and one big head of celery...and a ton of sage and poultry seasoning (probably 5 T.).  Notice the size of this massive iron skillet.  Once again, I think things don't look big until I get them home.  This is a 16 inch pan!

Sausage meatiness in all its glory...Freakin' ridiculous!

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