Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree Decorating, etc.

We are back to the days of decorating the top half of our tree...

Baby girl looks so thrilled.  "Help," she says, "My brother is squeezing me!"

Free and happy from the clutches of her brother.

This was a huge awakening for us as we pulled out the stockings.  About 4 years or so ago we started with 4 stockings from one of my fave stores.  See how nice they match the pillows?  I also bought those and the curtains at the same time.  Then Bro needed one so grandma found one at the outlet...Then baby girl needed one last year so low and behold, I found two more on Ebay.  Only two left from one seller and they were new with tags!  Yes, I bought both when we really needed one...and now I'm glad I did.  I guess God was hinting that we'd need it.  Now my problem is the fireplace isn't big enough for all those stockings!

After tree decorating...the beginning of Christmas Movie Watching!   Frosty The Snowman and hot chocolate.

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