Monday, February 28, 2011

Childhood of Famous Americans

Childhood of Famous Americans is one of our favorite book series.  "B" started reading these last year as he wanted to read about famous athletes.  We had started reading another book series and found that the one on Babe Ruth contained a lot of PG-13/R rated content.  Sad since it was a "kid series."  You could use this series as a suppliement to history as they have several biographies of famous athletes, presidents, and other famous people narrating their childhood up to the point they become famous. 


  1. will need to check them out! thanks :)

  2. We have over 100 COFA books! Most are hardback library rejects . Our local library purged its shelves several years ago and I was able to get them for free along with tons of Landmark and other children's books as well.