Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is It Still Summer?

As we near the middle of October, I am surprised (not really) with the waves of hot weather coming our way. Really....90 degree weather during a trip to the local pumpkin patch? I think not. I'll wait and hope for the mid 70's to come my way. The one benefit to this late summer, has been the longer season for tomato growing. My 5 plants are still producing and the chard is still growing large and leafy. Here are a couple tasty photos of the kids' harvest the other morning.

Chard used for dinner side dish sauted with olive oil and whole roasted garlic cloves (not yet from my garden).

Out of the 7 tomato plants in our garden, 5 became good producers. Sadly when I bought the plants at Capital Nursery, they didn't have the stakes in the pots with their names. Those little purple ones are sooooo sweet and juicy. The larger ones have a purpley-red flesh and are similar in texture to a Roma.

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