Tuesday, October 19, 2010

That Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Just a reminder to those who have been asking, "What cinnamon recipe did you make?"  My homeschooing friend passed this great site over to me, Pioneer Girl who is a foodie and fellow homeschooler.  Check out this recipe, its awesome and the maple glaze was what I used on my pumpkin cake and plan to use for another dessert next week or so.  I made a half batch to try and my kiddos insisted we give half to our neighbor who had been brining over some filipino dishes to share. 

One suggestion:  I used a cake pan to cook one pan, but I highly reccomend a regular old pie pan, like the extra Marie Calendar ones you have been saving from a million Thanksgivings.  The slanted sides help the middle cinnamon rolls cook better.  The cake pan seems to prevent it.

Here you go.  Beware, this is not for the thigh conscious woman!


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  1. I probably made it the same time as you! Oh yum, I can't wait to make the other variations of it. I have orange marmalade waiting in the fridge as we speak! I didn't make a half batch, I made a full batch. Just wanted to see exactly how much it made! I did find out though, that you can freeze them baked AND frosted! We did a "trial" and froze a pan of them. We took it straight out of the freezer a week later and wrapped it in foil and popped it in at 350. It took awhile, because they were solid frozen, but once they were done, they were awesome! And, for what it's worth, I bought the 3-pack of pie tins at dollar tree and they worked really well!