Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is 5 Enough?

That's one of the latest questions we got...Don't get me wrong, I never anticipated having 5 kids myself.  I figured I'd get married, have 3 kids, put them in school and spend my days cleaning, working out at the gym and lunching with my girlfriends but God had other plans for our family.  We never felt quite done after our 3rd was born.  Sure we were tired with 3 kids 2 1/2 and under, but didn't feel ready to close that door 100%.  Flash forward six years...we are ready to have our 5th baby, 16 months after our 4th.  Is 5 Enough?  In our minds yes, but if God shows us otherwise, we'll let you know.


  1. Yes, could you all keep us posted!? ;) We only have four, as you know, and I just love some of the responses!!

  2. Those comments make me smile. There are a log of large/mega families that post some of the funny comments they get...My least fave, "You know what causes that, right?"