Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day Craft

This week's craft was focused on Valentine's Day.  We did a couple projects but I will feature my last minute, hair brained frame idea.

We started with some premade wooden frames from Lakeshore and painted them with red acrylic paint.  The next day, we used some glitter paint from Lakeshore...Love them.  These glitter tubes come in 6 colors, 12 per box.  They are great for using as paint or the pointy tips can be used to decorate.  We used them for both in this project.

Next, the kids cut out some white paper to insert into their frames...we used the back insert of the frame as a template.

Today's bible focus was 1 Corinthians 13...very Valentine's Day appropriate.  My oldest wrote the whole verse.

Number 2 son wrote, "Love is kind..." and big Sis wrote, "Love is patient..."

Little Sis/Soon to be big sis...chewed on a spatula and ate...Those molars are killer.

The final product...We LOVE glitter.  Big sister loves to decorate!

Number 2 son, loved mixing his glitter to make different colors.

My oldest opted for the simple choice of smearing one glitter color on top of his frame.

On display by the front door for all to see.


  1. Very beautiful frames, love the glitter! I saw some frames today at the craft store, I love the idea of verse or quotes in them instead of photos.

  2. What a fun little craft! Beautiful and full of God's Love. Perfect! HHH

  3. I really like that craft. I've printed out verses before (in fancy fonts) and framed as gifts or for my home but this is a really nice idea for homeschooling/kids too. Thanks for sharing.

    Found you at the Hop!

  4. How lovely, they did such a good job. You are a better Mom than I, the thought of glitter sends me screaming to my room. :)
    Came by from the Hop to say hi!

  5. Note: This is glitter paint, not loose glitter. I've never been brave enough for the kids to sprinkle it on their projects.

  6. Very cute! You know I have at least one little person who would LOVE to make this project...

  7. OH this looks like such fun and simple fun!! The kids would love to do this and I have a place I could put them too. Now.... can I get frames. DRAT for not picking up the clearance ones I saw last week. Grr...

    Thanks so much for sharing this!! Will have to see if we can accomplish this in time.

    Take care!!

  8. How cute!! I have almost given up doing crafts. The big boys don't care anything for crafts any more. The girls do lots of artsy stuff on their own and the little boys just make messes! Thanks for listing me on your blog roll. I am honored!

  9. Great project! I love that each child can make a unique project. And I love that Little Sis "chewed on a spatula and ate." LOL!
    Visiting from Hip Homeschool Hop.
    Deb @

  10. That is awesome!! I love that idea. I would totally never have come up with something like that. I love it.

  11. Terrific projects guys. Love that glitter and the memory verse is awesome!