Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Garden

This is my second year of gardening, first winter growing.  This winter we turned two of our raised beds into mini compost piles to save space and better condition the soil that wasn't so great last summer.  Hopefully, I can get a compost container going when the weather warms up a bit.  It's amazing how fast you can fill a pot on your counter with fruit and veggie scraps, coffee filters, egg shells, etc.  What we won't do for awesome garden tomatoes?  So the only growth going on in the garden is our 4 x 4 bed of chard, a bed of onions, garlic and chives, snap peas that are somehow making it this time of year and the citrus trees.  I do have 2 containers of broccoli, but they are just leafy with no heads...I still haven't mastered that veggie.  My hope: to grow more and more produce each year.  The kids love it, I know where it came from and maybe someday it will become cost effective after we recoup the costs of beds and dirt.

Chard and onion beds.

Blood Orange Tree

Eureka Lemon

Honey Mandarin

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